Site Maintenance

Keep your website operating smoothly and ensure compatibility with the latest browsers and operating systems

from $75.00 / month

Just like your car, a website requires regular maintenance to keep it operating smoothly. The software that runs your website is constantly updated. These updates can sometimes alter components or break functionality. Our support team can fix any issues that may arise as a result of software updates or plugin changes.

In addition to software changes, there are other external factors that can affect your website, such as operating system or browser updates. A new or updated web browser can sometimes break website functions or make your website appear differently as a result of changes in web standards. An operating system update can also impact website functions. Our Site Maintenance product will ensure that your website stays fully functional and looking as it should.

NOTE: The recurring cost of this product varies based on the size and complexity of your website. Our maintenance team will make the final determination on the monthly cost. Minimum cost is $75/month and maximum is $300/month.


    • Browser testing and compatibility
    • Bug fixes
    • Back-end application updates
    • Functional error correction
    from $75.00 / month