Marketing Guidance for business owners.


  • Jan 25, 2021

What is included in the required monthly fee?

Monthly Charges include: Hosting and Maintenance Maintenance of a site includes: Unlimited text changes to existing content. Up to 15 image changes per month to existing images. All sites are hosted with Website Pro and include daily backups, managed WordPress hosting and built-in reporting Note: Any additional images/product changes beyond the included will be charged […]

  • Jan 25, 2021

What is Responsive design?

Responsive design means that your website will adapt to whatever screen size your potential customer is utilizing; be it a cell phone or a television.

  • Jan 25, 2021

What happens during the initial consultation call?

Within 3-5 business days, The Block team will conduct the initial consultation call to go over; desired color scheme and logo, domain name preferences, sample sites that we recommend, review the provided marketing materials, as well as home page layout requirements, tabs and pages, features, images and graphic ideas.

  • Jan 25, 2021

What can I do to make this project a success?

Provide sample websites (likes or dislikes) or other design direction during consultation call. Provide images and text content as requested. Communicate efficiently with us to keep the project on track to meet the set deadlines.